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Installation of Plasma or LCD Televisions

TV Installation Newcastle & Gateshead

We carry out digital TV Installations on behalf of Tesco, John Lewis, Curry’s, Sony Centres, KFC, Sky and their insurance cover companies, Gentoo Construction and most recently a new contract for the NHS to install – all in one digital controller for people with restricted movement.

Come to us direct
Plasma and Satellite Ltd have the most experienced and trained engineers when it comes to professionally installing your TV and hanging it from the ceiling or onto a wall

Our Domestic / Commercial portfolio of images are second to none

Concealed Cables
It is possible for Plasma and Satellite Ltd to hide cables in a wall without cutting, fuss or mess and our local engineers will advise you of this with a free quotation

TV Mounting Brackets
Plasma and Satellite Ltd’s brackets are the slimmest there are and this also helps enable us to hide the cables going into the back of the TV wherever possible

Our cables are tried and tested and all the installation comes with a full demo and guarantee!

More Room Space
When you choose to have your TV taken from its stand and onto the wall you will experience more relaxed viewing. It will take less cleaning due to a reduction in clutter and you will be amazed at how much larger your room will feel

Rest assured your TV will not come off the wall.

Integration: Adding Systems To Your TV
Many products can be integrated into your TV and around your home such as DVD players, Sky, Cable TV, Sound Systems, etc all hidden out of sight with full control functions. 
Some wireless systems are currently available and there are more products just around the corner including High Definition products. Please contact us to discuss these options or arrange for an engineer to call free of charge

TV Connected via Broadband and Local Wireless Storage
The new LAN feature pioneered by Sony is currently being launched by Panasonic with other companies following this exciting route. This next generation of the Digital TV development will be able the TV to communicate with other broadband-enabled products, allowing you to print, download, play music and see image files, all from your TV

Appliance Integration
Your Television will have full integration across all your appliances in the home and in the very near future, you will be in control and fully informed of your living surroundings…. Including can you believe, what food is out of date within your fridge !!

Plasma LCD sales
Plasma and Satellite Ltd only sell our Plasma Televisions, LCD monitors, TV wall Mounts, TV wall Brackets, Hi-Definition cable, and other Digital Products direct to our own Domestic or Commercial customers at discount prices.
Should you purchase any type of installation then please call for a free quotation on any digital products.
The latest Digital Technology is our pride and passion and we are only too happy to offer friendly and impartial advice on products we have experience with due to our installation services.

TV Systems Installed in Gateshead and Newcastle
We carry out domestic and commercial installations throughout the North East and Northumberland; we’re based around Newcastle and Gateshead for easy access

Noise Filters for 4G Interference
Sometimes noise interference lies close to home rather than with your TV carrier signal as 4G transmitters can disrupt your aerial signal causing noise and degrading picture quality. We can fit a noise filter to take out noise caused by 4G Mobile interference

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